SpaceOAR Hydrogel Treatment in St. George, UT

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How is prostate cancer treated?

Prostate cancer is highly treatable and there are a number of treatment options available in St. George, UT based on things like the stage of the disease, a personís age, how healthy they are and their personal preferences. Three common options include watchful waiting to see if the tumor grows or spreads, surgery to remove all or part of the prostate, or radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink the tumors.

What is SpaceOAR?

SpaceOAR Hydrogel is an option for men who undergo radiation treatment for prostate cancer in St. George, UT. It acts as a spacer providing space between the rectum and the prostate, reducing radiation exposure to the rectum. It is injected into place prior to the start of radiation treatment. Patients may be awake or asleep under general anesthesia for the procedure. SpaceOAR Hydrogel remains stable during radiation therapy and then is gradually absorbed by the body after radiation therapy has been completed.

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SpaceOAR Benefits

SpaceOAR Hydrogel is made up of two liquids that when combined, form a soft gel that is mostly made of water. This hydrogel temporarily moves the rectum a half inch away from the prostate. By separating the prostate from the rectum, it reduces these common side effects:

  • Rectal pain and bleeding
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Urinary urgency and leakage
  • Erectile dysfunction

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